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Buyer Beware

Common mistakes of a fire alarm system

What do we do?

What do we do – you ask…

Happy Thanksgiving

Let me tell you about what we do, but more about why we do what we do.

Election 2016?!

The 2016 United States election – who would have thought it would come down to these choices?   Many of my friends and colleagues are still wondering when the REAL candidates are going to pop out from behind the curtain and scream “APRIL FOOLS!”  It’s like a skit from Saturday Night Live, only it’s real […]

Rule #4 – Disconnect to Connect

Wait… what?!   I was attending a presentation the other day when I noticed that many of the attendees were so “busy” on their cell phones that they were missing the information given in the moment.  Often, we all get so wrapped up with the “urgency” of a text, email or social media that we […]

Rule #3 – Read to Improve Your Life

Success Rule #3 – Improve your life by reading.  Simple enough, right?  Sure, let me just get my copy of War and Peace and whip right through it!  My grandson, Corey, now 15, often said to me when he was younger, “I don’t like reading!”  And I must admit that it was true to most of us […]

Rule #2 – Surround Yourself With Success

You can’t build any kind of organization if you’re not going to surround yourself with people who have experience and skill base beyond your own. Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks)  In our world, including the world of physics, opposites attract.  My current business partner, with whom I’ve worked with for 18 years, is the opposite […]

Keep It All In Balance

All too often, we all get caught up in the daily routine of work and school and forget about the important things in life.  No, not the things, but the people in our lives – friends, family and even acquaintances.     Sometimes we think if we work more we can get more stuff and be […]

Do you feel Guilty?

Do NOT feel guilty for assuming someone might be dangerous and treating him coldly. Get over it. An innocent and decent man easily understands a man or woman’s safety concerns in a vulnerable location.   We don’t need to be aggressive toward someone to make them feel unsafe.  We are unknown to them and therefore […]