Monthly Archives: May 2017

Protecting Your Property

  Did you know that burglars use a 3-component decision-making strategy when they burglarize a business?   First, they assume that your property contains some minimal potential gain.   They plan carefully to see if your business can be burglarized easily with a fast exit. Many people assume criminals are unintelligent, but not so according […]

Are You Considering Safety When Buying A Home?

  When you are looking for a house, safety has become one of the most important characteristics when considering where you will live. Making sure you are located in a safe area is not the only concern for many individuals, how safe their actual home is can be just as important. Having a security system […]

Millennium Fire & Security, Keeping Companies Safe!

Whether you’re an employee or the business owner, fire safety should take top priority in your business training. In the United States, there are between 70,000 and 80,000 workplace fires each year. Over 5,000 have resulted in injury and 200 end in death. These are startling statistics, but why beat around the bush? The fact […]


If you understand how fire alarm systems work, you’ll understand why you need one. The simple truth is they save lives.   The main purpose of a fire alarm system is to inform all humans in a building that there is a fire.  Once you are warned, you can evacuate the building and wait for […]