Monthly Archives: July 2017

Is Your Alarm Company UL Listed?

“A large hotel in a popular resort area was experiencing problems with their fire alarm system. The system was malfunctioning frequently causing the hotel to be fined over and over again not to mention that guests were complaining about the noise. Many alarm companies take their time fixing the problems that cause false alarms. Some […]

What Would You Do?

“The office manager arrived at the office early. He wanted to get some work done before the staff arrived.  As he approached the entry door, he noticed a broken window. He made a mental note to call a repairman. Then he noticed the door was slightly ajar.  He nudged it open and turned the lights […]

Minutes Add Up

  “A large food production facility recently noticed incremental increases in their overtime costs. The overtime hours did not match production output. At first, it was thought to be a training problem.  However, upon further investigation by the management staff, it was discovered that the problem was employee-based improprieties.  Overhearing a conversation between different employees […]

Where’s The Beef?

“Recently, a large manufacturing company that produced and supplied meats and vegetables to a popular chain convenience store noted a large discrepancy in their production inventory and items delivered. The total dollar amount was $70,000 per month. Millennium Fire & Security was hired to help figure out what the problem was. The manufacturing company employed […]