Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Truth About Security Companies And Special Deals

“COME IN TODAY! EXCLUSIVE DEALS!”   Ever see this with security companies and wonder why don’t they do this all the time? You think, if they offered more deals they’d get more business. While this is certainly true, incentives do bring in more customers than not, it’s also true that so many of these “exclusive deals” […]

October Is Crime Prevention Month!

Just having a security system can help significantly reduce the risks of experiencing or falling victim to a crime but unfortunately, they can’t eliminate risk completely.   However, owning and maintaining a security system can aid law enforcement in resolving a situation should a crime occur. We constantly see these stories on the news and […]

Do You Know Quantum Physics—Neither Do We

  But we do know security, fire systems, and protecting your business from those who would seek to harm it.   Did you know that today, one of the leading risks to businesses and employers are threats associated with disgruntled employees or contractors? We all have great employees until we don’t! It’s now more important […]

Indirect Benefits of Security Systems For Your Business

A quick Google search will provide you with all the direct benefits of purchasing a security system to watch over your business. Including acting as a crime deterrent, improving employee sense of security, alerting owners and business partners of floods, fires, and power outages without compromising safety.   The truth is that building automation efforts […]