Security is essential – just ask Danaerys!

If you’re anything like the millions of other worldwide fans watching Game of Thrones, you know the importance of insulating your interests with a protective system. For Danaerys Targaryen, that protective system includes her dragon children. For Cersei Lannister, it is the Mountain. For Arya Stark, it is her skills as an assassin.   Security […]

Summertime Security Threats

There are lots of things to look forward to as the weather warms and spring eases into summer. Barbeques, summer concerts, and beach days included. But summertime is also an active season for would-be criminals and their consorts since it’s often a time where people have their guards down and settle into vacation states of […]

Keep your business safe this spring

Spring has come and we are squarely inside the half of the year with longer daylight hours. It’s the perfect time to reassess your security strategy and address any vulnerabilities that may have revealed themselves in the winter months. As your business grows, so too should your security plan and there are many things you […]

So you think you’re buying a security system

  What is it that you’re really purchasing when you finally install that security system? You may think it’s security (duh?), and in a way, you’d be right. But, if you take a minute to dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that what you’re really purchasing is peace of mind.   The peace of mind […]

Fire Alarm System Installation Mistakes To Know About

  If you’ve made a recent fire alarm system purchase then congratulations! You have taken a major first step in protecting your commercial property or business and the assets its responsible for. Whether your system was state-of-the-art or more budget-conscious, having one is a critical component of any smart business strategy. However, mistakes can still […]

Silent alarms save lives

      Imagine this scenario:   A small to medium-sized business owner is renting a commercial space from another business in the same building and was contacted after hours at home by their security alarm company. They were informed there was reason to believe a break-in had occurred at their place of business and […]

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems FAQ

Whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, protecting your assets is a must for any decent business strategy. Here are some common questions asked about commercial fire alarm systems: Does the law require that I have a commercial fire alarm system? Maybe. Whether or not your facility legally requires a fire alarm […]

Security solutions: Enterprise video management systems (VMS)

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which means an enterprise video system is more like an encyclopedia. Live video from multiple buildings can provide enterprise security teams with the detailed information it needs to maintain the safety of people and property.   Cameras are an extra set of eyes that […]

Keep Your Car Safe During the Winter Months

  If you’re a business owner, then you’re probably aware that you can be held liable even for incidents that occur in your business’s parking lot or garage. This is why it’s very important to provide these areas security coverage such as cameras and motion-detecting lighting.   It’s not uncommon for opportunist criminals to target […]

Standard Access vs Encrypted Access Card

      Critical improvements in security technology prevent the duplication of access cards. There are two types of access control technologies in use today: standard access cards and encrypted access cards. In this article we will discuss the mechanisms and technology of both systems.       Standard Access Cards The proximity technology inside […]