A Security System Boosts Morale As Well As Safety

In this day and age, you cannot be sure that your business or place of employment will never experience a robbery. This uncertainty is why installing a security system is the right and safe thing to do. According to FBI crime reports, a robbery happens every 15 seconds. Given this fact, it would be worthwhile […]

Tips for Preventing Office Fires

  With more than 3,000 people dying from fires each year, protecting against this danger is a serious business. It is always heartbreaking to hear the news of a fire. This troubling reality is why your office should take measures to prevent fires from happening in your building. The safety of your employees is always […]

Keep Your Business Safe During the Upcoming Holidays

  During the months of November and December, many stores and other businesses become very busy and crowded as we prepare for the fall and winter holidays. It is worthwhile to have the right systems in place to prevent any robberies or fires during the holiday bustle.  This holiday season, make sure you have the […]

Three Reasons Your Business Will Benefit From Access Control

  A security system that beefs up the protection of your business by limiting and monitoring the people entering and leaving your building is called an access control system. The access control system allows certain people with the right credentials chosen by you to enter specific areas, safeguarding against any shady characters gaining access to […]

Preventing and Responding to Theft in Your Area

  When a robbery takes place in your area or your place of business, it’s important to know how to respond and how to prevent future robberies. Reacting appropriately is the most effective way of dealing with theft. You may ask, “What do I do in response to such an event?” Read on for actions […]

Lawful Use of Workplace Security Cameras

  When you think the commercial spaces you’ve visited, what do you picture? Some people may remember desks and inspirational artwork in an office, or cash registers and clothes racks in a retail setting. But as a business owner, one feature should stand out above all—security measures.   The installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems […]

Benefits of Iris Recognition

  Imagine being able to do away with the hassle of issuing a new access control card every time you hire a new employee. You’d never have to worry about deactivating lost cards or replacing damaged ones—which is both an inconvenience and an expense. What if you and your workforce could prove security clearances at […]

Security Cameras: To Hide or Not to Hide?

  In this day and age, unfortunately, the rate of theft and other criminal activity in retail settings is steadily rising. On an annual basis, over $30 billion of revenue is lost in these establishments, attributed solely to organized retail crime. The statistics are staggering, but due to technological advances in security cameras and closed-circuit […]

Basics of Fire Safety in the Workplace

  In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, we felt it necessary to discuss the fundamentals of fire protection and safety in business environments. Surprisingly, there are many establishments that do not have appropriate fire safety plans in place for the event of an emergency. This lapse can prove to be dangerous, even deadly, to […]

Urgent New Requirements for High-Rise and Apartment Buildings

When signal strength in a building is insufficient, broadcasting an alarm to emergency services may take more time than necessary. In fact, the signal may not be strong enough to connect at all. Firefighters and police officers increasingly encounter this problem. While responding to incidents at large apartment complexes and high rise buildings, they are […]