Election 2016?!

The 2016 United States election - who would have thought it would come down to these choices?


Many of my friends and colleagues are still wondering when the REAL candidates are going to pop out from behind the curtain and scream "APRIL FOOLS!"  It's like a skit from Saturday Night Live, only it's real life and not that funny.




No matter what your preference, as a citizen, it's your duty to VOTE.  Make a choice, draw a line in the sand, stand up for what you believe and pray for the best for our country.  Some people don't have the freedoms we do - to be able to speak freely, to vote, to work, to be anything we strive to become.  Cherish and exercise those freedoms, even if others don't agree.



Don't just sit on the couch and complain.  Get out there and make your world better.  Engage yourself in your community and VOTE!


(I'm Chris Martin and I approve this message!)