Rule #4 – Disconnect to Connect

Wait... what?!  

I was attending a presentation the other day when I noticed that many of the attendees were so "busy" on their cell phones that they were missing the information given in the moment.  Often, we all get so wrapped up with the "urgency" of a text, email or social media that we forget to be... well - social!


We have seen stories in the news, especially with the new Pokemon GO, of people becoming so involved in the digital world that they can't live, literally, in the real world.  A man playing the game slammed into a Baltimore Police car;  another man created a massive accident in Massachusetts when he stopped his car on the interstate while playing the game!  


Getting wrapped up in your smart phone has serious consequences both at work and in your personal life.  While at work, a loss of productivity and personal relations can cost you sales and even your job. Nothing beats a phone call or a face-to-face meeting with prospects, colleagues, associates, friends and family.  


Too often a text or email can be misconstrued and the intent of the message becomes a conflict rather than what was intended.  No written word (including my words here) can replace the human face or tone and inflection in our voice.  No more is this true than with a younger generation who may not have experienced the triumphs, failures, personal losses and turmoil that comes with a well-lived life.  It happens to all of us. 


Go out and visit your clients, call your friends and enjoy your family without interruption from the outside digital world - you won't regret it!