Access Control System


Whether meant to prevent outsiders from coming in, insiders gaining access to sensitive areas, or as a record-keeping system for tracking employees, a properly designed access control system can protect your interests. People invest in access control systems for all types of reasons, both commercial and residential. The shared goal is to protect and guarantee safety. Access control systems can get the job done by limiting entry to the public and making it easy for designated entry.

Why Use An Access Control System?


Many businesses, office spaces, banks, and other highly secure locations will start using access control systems if they have to constantly re-key doors, provide limited access to specific areas, or simply want to increase security. Also, families might invest in these types of systems if children come home when parents aren’t home, or if they’re constantly losing keys.  Whatever your security concerns are, access control systems can help.


The systems that Millennium Fire & Security installs come with a variety of features that you might find extremely useful in terms of security and safety:


  • Automate building schedule for access, for multiple areas.
  • Systems can be controlled anywhere via the web.
  • Auto-locking features based on schedule/preferences.
  • Bulletproof design built to last!


You don’t have to be a large bank to receive the same level of limited access and security. The system can be set up based on your budget and most prioritized needs. We install and maintain access control systems with simple keypads or proximity readers. But, we also install highly advanced features such as biometric and iris readers.



What We Do


Millennium Fire & Security will visit your location and do a full threat analysis to help you put together a security plan if you are considering installing an access control system. We also will assist with our regular maintenance plans!

Your family, team, customers, employees, and personal safety are extremely important! Schedule your free evaluation with Millennium Fire & Safety to start taking your first steps to easy and effective safety.