Closed Circuit Camera Systems (CCTV)


Surveillance systems seem to be a part of our everyday lives. You see cameras in grocery stores, banks, gas stations, hospitals, schools, and maybe even your own office. You even see “do-it-yourself” packages that help you set up a surveillance system of your own. That’s because camera systems make up an integral part of any security system for both residential and commercial purposes.


When we say that cameras are essential to any security system, we mean that camera systems without a complete security plan aren’t nearly as preventive. Cameras by themselves can be a great deterrent, however in order to do more than make predators think twice, your system should be comprehensive. That means that someone should be monitoring the cameras and it should probably be paired with alarm, access, and other security features.

What Can We Do For Your Security?


Understanding the need for a complete security plan and the necessary tools to secure your facility, Millennium Fire & Security wants to prepare you for every kind of situation. That’s why we offer security plans based on your concerns, size, and threat analysis.


Here are a few of the key features we offer with our closed circuit camera systems:

  • Analog and digital cameras; Both come with commercial-grade HD quality (720p minimum)
  • Wireless access to real-time activity through the internet
  • Monitoring by our Central Station
  • Alerts via text or email if motion is detected via cameras
  • One-time installation costs
  • Regular maintenance plans
  • Systems designed to last for 10+ years!


Depending on the size of your facility, the detail which you (or your industry requires), and the length of time for storage, we can give you options for almost every budget.

More About Us


We want you, your family, business, customers, or employees to be completely secure and safe. That’s why we’ve gathered a team that has over 60 years of experience together in order to provide you with a comprehensive security system that protects you from all angles.


Give us a call and we can schedule a free evaluation of your location and provide a quote! Don’t get caught off guard or with scary legal issues. Arm yourself with the tools you need today with the help of Millennium Fire & Security!