Thermal Access Control


  • To open our economy, we have to get people back to work, safely.
  • To get people back to work safely, we have to control this pandemic.
  • While we wait for everyone to get vaccinated, we have to be able to screen large numbers of people quickly and accurately.
  • The government can’t agree on indemnifying employers from COVID lawsuits.
  • Temperature screening and enforcing mask use is an important guard against this virus AND lawsuits
  • To screen large numbers of people quickly and accurately, Thermographic Imaging is the answer.

There’s a way. A new, innovative idea in health security includes thermal imaging systems.


A new, innovative idea in health security includes Thermographic Imaging Systems. This innovative equipment has the capability to quickly and continuously monitor temperatures of numerous people, AND verify the presence of a mask, from a distance of 9.8 feet and in an arc 4.3 feet wide.

Thermographic access-control, will give you the ability to detect anyone with a fever, and/or those without a mask, within range of the camera, quickly, easily and reliably. This process can also be claimed as using reasonable care to protect employees and guests if ever challenged in a court of law. The cost of a Thermographic Imagingfor access control begins at less than $9,900, far less expensive and far more efficient than having personnel manually monitor temperatures. In addition to temperature and mask screening, the our system allows:


  • Efficient historical search and export by temperature alarm or by mask status
  • Onsite viewing and centralized management of alarms, video and temperature results

This technology is especially valuable in places like healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, warehouses, theme parks, churches, arenas, schools, day-cares, and office buildings. Easily identify people with temperatures or not wearing masks:


  • Using common entrances
  • Passing through a gate
  • Waiting for an elevator
  • Using a time clock
  • Walking down a hallway
  • Entering a break room or dining facility


The products depicted herein are not FDA-approved medical devices and are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. When configured correctly, the products discussed herein can identify elevated human skin-surface temperature relative to a sample population.