Why Use An Access Control System?


Modern day businesses are vulnerable to a number of security threats. These can range from theft to vandalism to violent crime and even terrorism. Irrespective of the type of business you operate, whether you are a healthcare provider, school, university or a business, there is always a desire to make your property safer and more secure for its inhabitants and employees.


What is an access control system?


An access control system is a system which helps in the management of entry and access into specific buildings, locations, and/or areas within that building. Keeping track of who comes and goes on their property is a fundamental concern of every business owner. And most business owners would agree that some people shouldn’t be able to access to certain areas.


With the advancement in technology, our access control has moved beyond the traditional metal lock and key, and business owners now have the ability to control access with electronic keycards, keypads, and touchscreens. All of which offer different levels of access and security based on an individual’s needs.


Access control systems are crucial as they provide business owners and building managers with an extra layer of security and control over their properties.


The access control systems installed by Millennium Fire and Security include several features useful for the modern-day business owner:


  • Mobile accessibility: systems can be controlled anywhere via the web.
  • Automating arming and disarming features based on schedule or preferences.
  • Bulletproof design built to last!


Your business doesn’t have to be huge to receive the same level of security. We can install a system based on your budget with your priorities in mind. We install and maintain access control systems with simple keypads and proximity readers as well as advanced high-tech features such as biometrics and iris readers.


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